Our Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Gift Guide


The Modern Tales team collected all the essentials and converted in into a very handy gift guide. You will find all the ideas that our team came up with for really nice and thoughtful gifts. It includes three sections: a home section that we dedicated to "her" however many of the items can be gifted to the men in your life; a "her" section for fashion and lastly a pure section for him. We tried our best to balance quality, price and "wow" factor.

Here is a short description and links where everything can be found:


1. The most luxurious scent for hand wash and lotion from Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. Available to be bought separately but always a great gift in duo.

2. Super soft and truly great quality Cloud Cotton Robe from Parachute.

3. Our favorite candle ever and the scent truly covers a good area is the Palo Santo 14 by Le Labo. If you leave the candle on and really get it going it fills up the room.

4. The bestsellers of our the Village Rings by yours one and only, The Modern Tales currently available in Deox Silver and Plated 14k Gold with words: Inspiration, Voice, Activism.

5. Corky and cute ceramics from Franca. We really love their Finca Dish in a size small to keep the jewelry together by the bed or vanity.  

6. Everyday essential wear earrings that you can live in and basically do everything, whether you are lounging, taking your dog out or going to brunch. Small Squared Hoops with Puzzle is the best gift for someone who doesn't like changing their looks out frequently but in the same time want to look like they try to look cute 24/7.



1. Who doesn't want to stay warm and cozy this Winter?! The perfect Acne Studious scarfs come in a dozen different colors and patters. We picked our favorite here in Checked Scarf in Oatmeal beige with a little kick of blue.

2. Avenue Four Cube Ring by The Modern Tales is a statement on its own but can be paired with other pieces for an even more of louder look. It's currently available in Deox Silver or Plated 14k Yellow Gold.

3. Everyones favorite Avenue Minimal Earrings by The Modern Tales. You just cannot go wrong with gifting someone a beautiful pair of unique hoops. Available in Deox Silver and Plated 14k Yellow Gold.

4. I don't know about you but we have been on a new health craze due to covid - Masks. We look for comfort and style. It's really becoming the next accessory that not only is a way to express yourself but to express your care for others #maskup. Lele Sadoughi makes a variety of colors and patters, we picked the Golden Package that includes three different masks.

5. Nanushka Wool Cardigan in black is the ultimate soft touch that we all need right now. Something a little sexy but warm and plush in the same time.

6. Avenue Complex Earrings by The Modern Tales our true best performer in earrings. If you want to gift someone something very special, unique and willing to spend this is your best gift idea yet. 


1. Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet is the ultimate shaving experience in a box.

2. Pangaia Tracksuit - the craze is real. The brand really took off on the height of people lounging and searching for comfortable clothing to spend their time in lockdown at home. Not only comfortable but sustainable is truly the best of both worlds.

3. We are all about drinking spirits from its appropriate and respectful glassware. These Niche Japanese Handmade Mountain Whiskey Glasses by Mr Nature Store is a very uniques gift item. 

4. Last, but certainly not least is a mash up of our most popular The Modern Tales pieces for men. Our Leather Bracelets that come in different weaves and colors along with the Double Band Rings are very popular with men who appreciate style and artistry in its core. The Squared Ring is very special and highlights masculinity with those sharp lines and its serious weight. 

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The Modern Tales x Wedding Project

Recently, The Modern Tales expanded into custom wedding projects. Meet the inspiring story of Jess and Alex and our creation process for their special day. 

Upon their request, we created an engagement ring, wedding bands, earrings, and bracelet for the bride and the groom. Learn more about our journey to help their dreams come true...


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"Toscana" x urban jungle shoot

On this breezy fresh day in late Spring, we surrounded by the symphony of blooming flowers in the urban jungle of New York City. As the precious sun rays gently stroke us, we craft a scene where a free-spirited girl is taking a stroll in the garden of Tulips and Cherry Blossoms. 


"Toscana" key silhouette is comprising of uneven and versatile geometric framework derived from nature. It represents the feeling of freedom and lightness that infuses modern utility which is perfect for either city wanderers or holiday takers. 


The collection is inspired by feeling of nature. Nevertheless an eye-catching 14k plated gold jewelry statement has found its balance of elegance and wearability through different lifestyles and environments. 
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The Spring Break Edition

There are holiday memories that we never ever want to let go. New Orleans is one of them.


This Spring break trip, I got a chance to hide away in the late 19th-century Catholic church that turns into a one-of-a-kind vintage boutique hotel called “Hotel Peter & Paul.” Hanging out in low lights cozy spaces, watching the world go by in a property that's rich in history decorated in a french country style with splashes of Catholic iconography.


During this journey, we’ve traveled with some of our favorites’ jewelry pieces that would be perfect for weekend essentials. We brought them to dine in the hidden French restaurant N7, named after the highway that connects Paris to the French Riviera. It used to be a tire shop that turned into a small home-cooked restaurant. Dining outdoors in the backyard beside an old Citroen car is a vivid memory I will never forget. 


The Thompson Ring is my pick for gallery hopping and I paired it with Small Park Cuff because of its Architectural designs that go together. During my Jazz o'clock at night, I chose to stack the Village Voice and Activism Ring together along with Mini Mismatched Ring and Dangling Mountain Ring. I received so many compliments from pairing those four pieces and it has become my current obsession and everyday wardrobe staple that adds a level of sophistication to my everyday wardrobe perfectly.

Explore more for our “finger” collection HERE




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NYFW 2019


     The coldest and the shortest month of the year always manages to bring a fun crowd of very fashionable people, lots of parties and excitement to New York City. This year wasn't an exception. 

     For us, fashion week is all about what people are saying to one another and about seeing the world through their style.


"Toscana"collection was inspired from a personal chapter of mine of a journey taken last Summer. It represents the feeling of freedom, lightness and ongoing sensation of curiosity when traveling through unknown places and exploring different cultures.

We develop everything in-house and all of our pieces are made out of brass and plated with 14k gold to portray the reflection of the sun.   

The shapes are derived from nature and processed through a personal lens of architecture and geometry in order to create identities for each piece. I believe this is where minimalist-meets-futuristic and creates signature looks.

By collaborating with German clothing brand Halstenbach for the show, we envisioned contrasting luxurious cashmere pieces with our statement abstract shapes together. Our favorite look of this season was the pink organza coat with Dangling Mountain choker that was designed exclusively for the runway to create a bold confident yet wearable look. The other look we loved was the short turtleneck dress with the set of 3-Mismatched rings and 3-tier earrings.


The Modern Tales girls will soon be able to enjoy pairing our statement pieces in different ways as all the pieces from Toscana collection will be soon available on


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Flash Sale or Black Friday Madness

Have you overcome your food coma yet? I can barely button up my high waisted jeans at this point... But nevertheless, while that part of the holiday is over, other ones are still ahead of us. One of which is gifting!!! Have you started making your lists yet? I know I am definitely starting to write mine out and it's looking as long as ever. It is always nice to get a few gifts out of the way in one place. We really hope that The Modern Tales can provide that for you this season.

This year we decided to join the madness and organize a first time flash sale with a 25% off discount on everything. Whether it is our classic collection Open Ended Puzzle or Subconscious the discount will automatically be added to your cart upon check out. 

Dates: Thursday November 24th- Monday November 27th


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Every year my family and I travel for Thanksgiving to be with the oldest generation on this truly amazing holiday. For everyone each special day or holiday means different things. For me Thanksgiving is about being able to be with your family and to be grateful and celebrate your life. In Judaism when we drink we say "L'Chaim" the direct translation is - to life. 

Let's take this day and focus on what is truly important: enjoy being around our loved ones, our support system, best friends and people that care about our well being.  

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It's been a minute since our last post. We will try to reboot the habit of at least writing once a week and then who knows maybe it will change to even a few days a week... But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Subconscious - our new collection that we just presented at NYFW last month is inspired by a trip down memory lane of the evolution and symbiosis of New York Citys history and social character. Each piece of the collection is born from novel qualities of various neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn that were developed from artwork created by the designer from personal photography. Collectively these historical relics illuminate the eclectic architecture of the city, but also draw many parallels to the inspiring changes of current events of the world.

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Traveling and Sunsets

 One of my favorite things in the  world is traveling. As I am  currently spending my time in a  cultural epicenter of religion, I got  to be thinking a lot about different  lifestyles. As a New Yorker, my life  is so fast pace that I find it  extremely difficult to understand  how people in other parts of the  world live differently.


 I always rush to get things done,  to go someplace, to accomplish  something, but at times I forget to  pause and enjoy the world around  me. Today I witnessed one of the  most beautiful sunsets, perhaps it  was the sun or the light, but  perhaps it was the setting, the  mood and the people I was with.

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Rosh Hashanah and the new beginnings


Rosh Hashanah is the first of the Jewish high Holiday, which celebrates the beginning of the New Year. For the past year there has been a lot of new beginnings The Modern Tales, being one of the bigger ones. 

Our team would like to wish everyone who is celebrating a sweet new year full of upbeat memories and emotional ups rather than downs. 

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