The Modern Tales x Wedding Project

Recently, The Modern Tales expanded into custom wedding projects. Meet the inspiring story of Jess and Alex and our creation process for their special day. 

Upon their request, we created an engagement ring, wedding bands, earrings, and bracelet for the bride and the groom. Learn more about our journey to help their dreams come true...


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"Toscana" x urban jungle shoot

On this breezy fresh day in late Spring, we surrounded by the symphony of blooming flowers in the urban jungle of New York City. As the precious sun rays gently stroke us, we craft a scene where a free-spirited girl is taking a stroll in the garden of Tulips and Cherry Blossoms. 


"Toscana" key silhouette is comprising of uneven and versatile geometric framework derived from nature. It represents the feeling of freedom and lightness that infuses modern utility which is perfect for either city wanderers or holiday takers. 


The collection is inspired by feeling of nature. Nevertheless an eye-catching 14k plated gold jewelry statement has found its balance of elegance and wearability through different lifestyles and environments. 
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The Spring Break Edition

There are holiday memories that we never ever want to let go. New Orleans is one of them.


This Spring break trip, I got a chance to hide away in the late 19th-century Catholic church that turns into a one-of-a-kind vintage boutique hotel called “Hotel Peter & Paul.” Hanging out in low lights cozy spaces, watching the world go by in a property that's rich in history decorated in a french country style with splashes of Catholic iconography.


During this journey, we’ve traveled with some of our favorites’ jewelry pieces that would be perfect for weekend essentials. We brought them to dine in the hidden French restaurant N7, named after the highway that connects Paris to the French Riviera. It used to be a tire shop that turned into a small home-cooked restaurant. Dining outdoors in the backyard beside an old Citroen car is a vivid memory I will never forget. 


The Thompson Ring is my pick for gallery hopping and I paired it with Small Park Cuff because of its Architectural designs that go together. During my Jazz o'clock at night, I chose to stack the Village Voice and Activism Ring together along with Mini Mismatched Ring and Dangling Mountain Ring. I received so many compliments from pairing those four pieces and it has become my current obsession and everyday wardrobe staple that adds a level of sophistication to my everyday wardrobe perfectly.

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