Our Story

The Modern Tales is edgy and timeless jewelry company based in New York City that focuses on detailed craftsmanship and minimalist design. All of the pieces are uniquely manufactured with high quality deox silver by a small family-owned factory in NYC. The creative director, Jennefer Keyserman, draws inspiration from personal experiences and global issues that connect us to one another. Jennefer started her journey as a clothing designer focused on women’s ready-to-wear after she graduated from Parsons New School for Design. Her passion for contemporary and sophisticated design landed her in jewelry with the start of The Modern Tales.


About the Open Ended Puzzle Collection:

Open Ended Puzzle is inspired by the complex pieces that connect our lives. Just like the playful children's game, the collection was brought to life from personal life experiences of a powerful woman that transgresses cultural boundaries and finds herself in a maze of life adventures. While no two puzzle pieces are the same, the collection brings together individuality and the shared journey that brings us together. All of the pieces are designed from a high quality deox silver.


About the Subconscious Collection:

Subconscious collection is inspired by a trip down memory lane of the evolution and symbiosis of New York City’s history and social character. Each piece of the collection is born from novel qualities of various neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn that were developed from artwork created by the designer from personal photography. Collectively these historical relics illuminate the eclectic architecture of the city, but also draw many parallels to the inspiring changes of current events of the world.



Jennefer Keyserman
Creative Director