How to take care of your jewelry pieces?
All the silver that we use in our jewels is the 0.925 silver. It almost never tarnishes and can withstand the true test of time. However, if it’s exposed to various chemicals and humidity eventually it may need to be polished.
All of our golden pieces are made in brass and then gold plated with 1 micron. Often gold plating is done as a dip which barely covers the surface of a piece. Our production process uses 1 micron plating, which allows for a better end result and maintains its finish for longer. It’s very important to understand that plating and solid gold pieces differ in how the pieces can be worn and in what circumstances.  
With pieces that are gold plated, please avoid the following activities:
-       Beach, swimming pool
-       Physical activity such as workout classes
-       Cleaning using chemicals (the reaction of chemicals and plating may result in losing the plating surface)
In addition, all of our gold plated pieces are available in solid gold. Please contact us directly for such inquiries.